The Benefits Of Joining   dots

The fact that you have found your way to this site means you have already established that whatever circumstances have led you here, you are looking to find new friendships, and let’s face it you will never make any new friends sitting by yourself at home.

The benefits of joining as a member means that:


dots You will be able to find friendships in your area or within an area you are able to travel to

dots Your identity is not on view so you can be a member with less fear of embarrassment of being seen by a work colleague, student,  friend, etc

dots You will be meeting lots of people with the same interests as you, who you would not otherwise have met

dots  You are anonymous so you can pursue friendships without the fear of rejection

dots You will have opportunities to express thoughts and feelings that you might not have shared otherwise

dots You will have the opportunity to network and it can be a fantastic way to improve your work and home life balance

dots The more people searching who can see your full profile, the greater the chances are that someone will contact you

dots You increase the amount of exposure you have enabling you to see who you are talking to and building a friendship by communicating

dots It is a very cost effective way of socialising when compared to alternatives.


We are NOT a dating site, swinger’s site or site for you to find old friends. Our site is dedicated to encouraging like-minded individuals to genuinely connect on their interests. So, if you are genuinely just looking to find new friends, you have come to the right place.

Please feel free to browse member’s profiles, and don’t forget……

A friend is just a stranger you haven’t yet met