Profile Guidelines   dots

dots   Keep your profile short

People tend not to want to spend a long time reading through your whole life story. Besides, what do you talk about when you get chatting if you have given it all away in your personal profile? Popular profiles are always short and intriguing. Profiles with 100 to 200 words historically receive more messages, and people who use positive language such as confident and outgoing, generally receive more incoming messages.

dots   Photos – A picture paints a thousand words

A full-body image has been proven to boost messages for both sexes, and the image should be current, a true representation of you and taken with consideration. Selfies are a bad idea as they give the impression that you either can’t be bothered or don’t care about making a good first impression. Women should aim to take their pictures indoors, as this tends to encourage more messages, whereas men tend to get more messages if their pictures are taken outside. As time moves forward and the site begins to grow, membership will become chargeable, and photos will only be displayed to members who have joined and verified their details.

dots   Be Honest

There is always a temptation to lie on introduction sites such as these. The typical favourites are age, weight and believe it or not, posting a photo that was taken 20 years earlier, or even of someone else. Honesty is always the best policy, and we openly encourage our members to accept each other without prejudice. This way you will avoid potential disappointment, stress and humiliation. Be proud of who you are, in the end the right person will accept you for who you are, baggage and all.

dots   Use optimistic language – Too much too soon

Positive and optimistic words such as fun and happy tend to make profiles more popular. Talk about what excites you, or paint a picture of a really great day that you would love to be a part of. For example you really enjoy walking. Don’t use negative words such as ex- husband/wife or suffering from depression. Whilst this may be part of who you are, it can be off-putting to someone who does not know you, and is information better shared later down the line once a friendship has been established.

dots   Market yourself

Don’t just use old photos and write a quick one liner about yourself. Take some time to think about why you have decided to use the site to find friends and what kind of friends you would like to meet. You want to use language and description to attract the most like-minded people. A good tip is to think of someone you really respect and admire, then imagine writing a description of yourself for them in 100 – 200 words.

dots   Don’t try to be funny

What translates in your head as a funny statement or fact into writing, isn’t always how it is perceived by the person reading it at the other end, and misinterpretations can occur. The same can be said of sarcasm, often, people who think they sound clever, can be misread as angry or bitter. Here’s a good tip: after you’ve written your profile, read it aloud to yourself.

dots   Be selective

We encourage you to give examples of your likes and dislikes, but be mindful that you may inadvertently discourage someone by being too specific about things that aren’t ultimately that important, so don’t be too selective unless it is something you feel very strongly about. For example being a vegetarian or a non-smoker.