Frequently Asked Questions

dots   Is Friendships Connect a dating site?

No. This is a site dedicated to help people find friendship. There are plenty of sites out there specifically dedicated to dating, we are a site that wants to encourage new friendships.

dots   Why cant I see other member’s photos on the home page?

We are very aware that joining a membership site such as ours can have a stigma attached to it, and it is very important to us that our members’ privacy is protected from the offset. Therefore, only members who join and are verified through their email address are able to see other members’ photos.

dots   Is my payment protected?

At the moment membership of the site is free for 1 year to the first 100 members to join the site and create a profile.

dots   What if I want to communicate with someone away from the site environment?

We are encouraging people to make new friends by using our site as a vehicle to do this, therefore we would expect you to exchange details with any member who you find a connection with. However, we would encourage you to follow our staying safe guidelines before agreeing to give out personal contact numbers, email addresses or before arranging to meet anyone.

dots   What if someone asks me for money?

No matter how desperate someone’s circumstances may seem, there are unscrupulous people out there who will prey on the vulnerable and the kind hearted. Therefore, if you find yourself developing a friendship with someone who is asking you to help them with a financial problem, please report it immediately using our contact us page

dots   How do I know all of the profiles are genuine?

All new members who join Friendships Connect are verified through their email address. We will not tolerate any form of misrepresentation from our members or from our content. We want our members to enjoy the experience of meeting new people and having confidence in the service being provided. If you feel any member has misrepresented themselves, you must report it to us immediately using our contact us page

dots   Why has my photo been rejected?

Photographs must be a true representation/image of you and your age. You cannot post any photographs of images you feel represent you such as a flower, a butterfly or a place you like for example.

dots   Why has my profile been rejected?

Sometimes profiles can be rejected for inappropriate content or the use of bad language. In this instance, we will email you with the reason for the profile rejection.

dots   How do I cancel my membership?

If you find all of the friends that you need or even a special friend, you can easily cancel your membership by using our contact us page. Please note however that if you have paid for a longer term reduced membership option, then the remaining term of the membership is non-refundable as described in the terms and conditions.

dots   Why can’t I have a refund of the remaining term if I have paid for several months but want to cancel before the term has completed?

When you select to be a paid member for several months, you are offered the monthly membership fee at a discounted rate which is non-refundable should you cancel your membership before the term is up.

dots   If I cancel my membership early but have paid for a longer term, can I remove my profile from the site?

Yes, you will be able to remove your profile from the site simply by using our contact us page.

dots   How do I make a complaint about another member?

We hope that you do not find it necessary to make a complaint about another member. However, we do appreciate that sometimes people can have disagreements, and in the first instance, we would ask that you report it to us immediately using our contact us page with details of the complaint, so we can investigate the matter further and take appropriate action where necessary.

dots   How do I know when it is time to renew my membership?

You don’t have to worry about renewals as this will be taken automatically, until such time that you contact us to advise that you wish to cancel your membership.

dots   Another person I have met on the site has told me that they have not had to pay for their first annual membership. Why is that?

When the site was launched, we offered the first 100 members free membership for one year. This free membership was heavily advertised and kept within a 30 mile radius to make sure that people looking for friendship had a realistic chance of being able to meet up with potential companions.

dots   Is this an International site?

No. This is currently a UK only based site. We simply chose option as we felt it would be simpler for people to remember.

dots   Do you offer singles holidays?

Currently we do not offer holidays, but as the site grows we intend to listen to our members and would appreciate it if you could tell us what sort of holiday you would like to go on with new friends by using our contact us page.