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Why a Friendship Website? – About Friendships Connect

Friendships Connect is the place to find and meet friends online. It is designed to encourage friendship and companionship. It has been created by Linda and James who had each struggled to make friends online using the plethora of dating sites available. They thought there must be a better way to find a friend or companion, when the last thing you are looking for is romance. Both realised that what they were looking for following their relationship breakdowns was not there.

So many people can find themselves in a situation where they are lonely, but don’t necessarily want to form a romantic relationship with someone.

dots Are you a woman looking for another woman who would like to do a river cruise?

dots Do you want to meet up at a play centre for your children to play?

dots Do  you enjoy rambling but want a companion to go along with?

dots Are you are an individual or couple who has just relocated and doesn’t know anyone?

Whatever situation has led you to Friendships Connect, this site is here to help and encourage friendship and companionship. Linda and James can thoroughly recommend making new friends as a great way of enhancing your life and enjoying the psychological benefits such as increased self-esteem and a sense of belonging.


dots Linda’s Story

In 2006 I found myself as a single mother, going through a divorce, in my late 30’s with a one year old baby, trying to juggle a job and childcare. All of my friends were in marriages, I was socially isolated at the school gates and it was really difficult to find any free time for myself. When I did get free time, I found myself confined to my home with no-where to go and no-one to go out with.

I craved companionship and really just wanted a friend who I could call up and say how do you fancy that movie on Friday night or what about a trip to the theatre? Even just a companion to go for a walk in the park, or to have a chat with from time to time.

Eventually I found myself in what felt like a humiliating position trawling the internet looking for friendship, and while there were some sites out there that offered friendship, most sites were International, and the UK based sites seemed focussed on dating.

I signed up to a few dating sites over the course of the year and gradually worked my way through what felt like a gazillion profiles, however, I was often put off by people saying that they wanted to find their soul mate or making specific demands about the perfect person for them. I wasn’t ready for a relationship, I just wanted a friend.

Eventually I came across a profile of a man who had written in his description that he was not looking for a serious relationship, and was searching for friendship. I didn’t find his photo particularly attractive and he was 12 years my senior, however, I liked the sincerity in what he had written and felt that this was a person looking for a companion, rather than the perfect woman in his eyes.

When we met for our first time, we had a drink together and chatted about our lives and interests. There was no initial attraction between us, no expectations and no lightning bolts. But we had some common interests and became good friends.

On September 1st 2012, we were married and I am the happiest I have ever been in my whole life.


dots James’ Story

Following my divorce from my first wife of 23 years, I found myself in a position of being a single man again, middle aged and at a genuine crossroads in my life. I knew that following my divorce I did not wish to become involved in a full on relationship immediately, however I also knew that I did not want to spend the rest of my life on my own and wished to have some company

I decided to try the Internet with a view to looking for friendship either through individuals or groups or social clubs. This became a lot more challenging than I first thought it would be, and the only thing that I was able to find were dating sites. So one tipsy Friday evening, I came home following a night out with some male friends and registered with one of the sites as a last resort, starting a journey that both excited and terrified me with equal measure.

I went through a whole variety of emotions over the next few months and experienced first -hand the frustration of Internet dating. Even though my profile clearly stated that I was looking for friendship initially, I found that this was near on impossible with potential companions I approached, or who approached me looking for a whole lot more than I was ready to offer. I experienced more frustrations than I care to remember and felt that many people had high expectations and a tick list of their perfect man which was impossible to meet.

I will say that I was very lucky in the end and met a lady online who was one of the rare individuals genuinely looking for a friend. Over time I got to know her very well, and we became good friends over a period of time. Subsequently, we were married in 2012 and are now the very best of friends. If it hadn’t been for the chance we both took via the internet, we would never have met.

My wife and I realised that even though we were lucky enough to find each other on a dating site, we were both really looking for a platonic companion when we first started our journeys, and no site out there catered for this. From this position we decided to develop and launch Friendships Connect and hope to connect people and give individuals an opportunity to move away from feeling lonely or socially isolated once and for all.